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The Beautiful Danish 'Skagen'

Did you know there's a place in Northern Denmark where you can actually walk out on a sandbank and place your right foot in the Skagerrak and your left foot in the North Sea?

This place is called Grenen ("The Branch" in Danish) and is located just north of Skagen. This is where the famous Danish painters Ancher, P.S. Krøyer and Denmark's national poet Holger Drachman lived and worked.

Skagen is thought to have been founded in the 13th Century and began to flourish during the 1800's when painters and poets discovered the area and during that period Skagen was regarded as Denmark's most fashionable holiday destination and is still today one of Denmark's most popular tourist areas.

65 kms of white sandy beaches meet visitors and sand dunes make the area perfect for outdoor activities and bathing. The beach along Skagerrak to the west can have powerful waves and treacherous currents, while the Kattegat beaches to the east are milder and more suitable for leisurely bathing. In Skagen there is a wide variety of flora and fauna with many rare birds that attract ornithologists from far and wide. Skagen Harbor is a focal point for visitors with thousands of pleasure boats and a small fishing fleet supplying fresh fish for auction everyday.

OK, now how to get there? Most will think of Copenhagen first and on your way to Skagen as mentioned above, a visit to Århus may be of interest where it is possible to view the 2000 year old Graubelle Man in the Museum Moesgard. Then there is Aalborg the lively city on the Lim Fjord and home of world famous Aalborg Akvavit. The Danish national archives are located here and visitors that may have Danish ancestry in their lineage will find a visit here rewarding.

Continuing by car, drive on to Skagen for a rewarding visit before boarding a ferry from either Hirtshals to Stavanger or Oslo in Norwary or from Fredrickshavn to Gothenburg in Sweden.

Important: don't forget your bathing suit when packing for your extended stay in Denmark!

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