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Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Horses: a smaller, pony-sized horse with a lineage dating back to Viking times

Wealready recognize Iceland as a unique vacation destination offering magnificent mountain panoramas, waterfalls, glaciers, spouting geysers, and fine cuisine. But what of Iceland's horses?

Imported by Scandinavian settlers in the 9th and 10th centuries they appear throughout Icelandic historical writings and have played an important part in Iceland's development.

The breed on several occasions has been almost wiped out by the harsh climate, volcanic eruptions and deforestation resulting from ship-building and housing, but concern and selective breeding has kept the breed alive. Icelandic horses have a double coat developed for extra insulation in cold temperatures.

Icelandic law prevents the return of exported horses and forbids the importation of horses further protecting the integrity of the breed. Gentle and responsive the horses have an unusually even gait and quickly develop a bond with their riders.

For horse lovers and those looking for a bit more adventure while in Iceland, a three to five day horse trekking tour may be just the thing. There are many variations and itineraries available from day tours to multi-day tours, including visits to areas seldom seen and inaccessible other than by horseback.

If sleeping bags and tents are your forte, camping trips are available. But if you prefer something a bit more comfortable, there are tours offering hotel lodging as well.

Experienced guides, proper outfitting and gentle horses will show you the best Iceland has to offer. We have detailed information available.

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