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Norway by Bike!

Nelson's Inside Scoop is happy to inform you with the latest news that the city of Oslo in Norway created a new bikeshare program in the downtown area for anyone to use. This service is also available in Trondheim, Drammen, and Bergen. Users can purchase an unlimited yearly pass for 60 NOK (about 10 USD). The Frost Brothers designed the bike with wide tires, comfortable when riding on the streets. The bikes are located all around town on computer operated racks along with maps of where other racks are located. The bikes can be borrowed for a certain period of time and can be returned to any rack, not just the one it was taken from. There is even an Iphone application for it. Whether you are going out to Bygdøy, looking for some ice cream or want to take a ride out to the beaches, for a steal you can see the city of Oslo by bicycle!

Photo Courtesy of Bhupal Adhikari / CC BY-NC 2.0

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